CVOCCentral Valley Opportunity Center (Winton, CA)
CVOCChlorinated Volatile Organic Compound
CVOCChild Victims of Crime (Stafford, West Midlands, England, UK)
CVOCCenter for Virtual Organizations and Commerce
CVOCCharles County Career and Technical Center
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According to Eric Garcia, President and Principal Geologist for ASC, after the MiHpt logs were run and reviewed, the MIP data did not show evidence for CVOC impacts in the unsaturated zone.
In the last five years alone YAZOO, the RFU and CVOC have brought Tag Rugby to over 1,000,000 children as well as donating tag belts, balls and other equipment to thousands of schools across the country.
Installation of oxygen analysers on CVOC Tender no: LTC/VEN/2282/13 Description: The scope of this tender is about installation of oxygen analysers on CVOC (common volatile organic compound) stacks.