CVOCCentral Valley Opportunity Center (Winton, CA)
CVOCChlorinated Volatile Organic Compound
CVOCChild Victims of Crime (Stafford, West Midlands, England, UK)
CVOCCenter for Virtual Organizations and Commerce
CVOCCharles County Career and Technical Center
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Installation of oxygen analysers on CVOC Tender no: LTC/VEN/2282/13 Description: The scope of this tender is about installation of oxygen analysers on CVOC (common volatile organic compound) stacks.
Subsequently, direct push borings were used to collect soil and grab groundwater samples in order to confirm MIP results inside and outside the CVOC plume.
Enhanced non-biological degradation, coupled with ongoing biodegradation of CVOCs, will likely result in a reduction in treatment time by remediating CVOCs to below their respective federal drinking water maximum contaminant levels (MCLs).
This demonstration confirmed the efficacy of their methods for emplacement of EHC, which will broaden the scope of subsurface environments where EHC can be used to effectively treat groundwater contamination of both CVOCs and trace metals with our EHC-M product.