CVPHChamplain Valley Physicians Hospital (Plattsburgh, New York)
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It has been important at CVPH to demonstrate a gap and cultivate a culture that not only communicates the strong message that a BSN is required to transform care, but also communicates the pragmatic utility of the degree and creates visible support for working students.
Internal strategies at CVPH included recognizing the critical importance of role models and updating all nursing leadership job descriptions to require a minimum of a BSN.
To provide financial support, a partnership with the hospital's foundation created scholarships for CVPH RNs working on advanced degrees, with preference for those at the bedside working on their BSN.
Queries made during the initial planning stages in 2011 revealed that more than 100 RNs at CVPH said they would be interested in enrolling in an RN to BSN program on-site at the hospital.
At CVPH, there are three transitional care nurses that identify patients that need help, reach out to their PCPs, work with the pharmacy on the medication reconciliation process, and do home visits as needed.
Perhaps the best stated one is in a letter from CVPH Medical Center CEO Stephens Mundy: "From the standpoint of beauty, the new front entrance and lobby are unsurpassed.
The Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH) Medical Center dialysis facilities are situated in the extreme northeast of New York State on the Canada/Vermont borders, a beautiful area surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain.
Macey, RN, CNN Case Coordinator CVPH Medical Center Plattsburgh, NY
Wanda Flynn, BSN, RN, CNN, ANNA Administration Special Interest Group Representative; Renal Administrator, CVPH Medical Center, Plattsburgh, NY
Wanda Flynn, BSN, RN, CNN, is renal administrator, CVPH Medical Center, Plattsburgh, NY; and ANNA Administrative SIG advisor.
Wanda Flynn, RN, CNN, is renal administrator, CVPH Medical Center, Plattsburgh, NY.