CVQCorrection Vertébrale de Québec (French: Spinal Correction of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
CVQCompliance Validation Quality (France)
CVQClassified Vector Quantization (image coding)
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This highlights the strategic importance of production accuracy that does not systematically result in an observable manufacturing variability as expressed in the coefficient of variation (CVq) defined in [21].
where: CVQ is flow rate coefficient of variation, %; S is standard deviation of the sample, L [h.sup.-1]; and qm is mean flow rate of the sample, L [h.sup.-1].
Keywords: Image compression, JPEG, DCT, DPCM, Classified vector quantization (CVQ), Quadtree
While the CVQ might sound devastating to theories (for instance) of anticompetitive exclusive dealing, deconstruction of its implied syllogism reveals yawning gaps.
Although the DVQ-approach gives, in a sense, very limited information about behavior, it has several advantages; it mimics our day-to-day market decisions more closely than the CVQ and reduces the incentive for the strategic behavior (Loomis 1987).
Across the three administrations, the proportion of the sample missing at least one of the CVQ items missing ranged from 11.9% to 17.1%, but the amount of missing data for any given item was relatively small, ranging from 0% to 4.29%.
CVQ Score gives candidates the ability to do so by placing the CVQ Score image directly on their resume.
The Calling and Vocation Questionnaire (CVQ; Dik et al., 2012) is a 24-item self-report measure that includes six subscales that measure the presence (P) of and the search (S) for a calling, separately, along the three dimensions of transcendent summons (PTS, STS), purposeful work (PPW, SPW), and prosocial orientation (PPO, SPO).