CVRFCardiovascular Risk Factor
CVRFCommon Vulnerability Reporting Framework (Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet)
CVRFCoastal Villages Region Fund (Alaska)
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Even though hypertension has been reported to be the single most important CVRF in CKD, [6,30,31] we found anaemia to be the most common CVRF overall in our study, and hypertension to be the second most common overall.
For association analysis between CVRF and year of graduation we chose to separate cadets into two main groups: those from the 1st and 2nd years (younger) and those from the 3rd and years (older).
4%) showed two or more uncontrolled CVRFs (Figure 2).
Patients who had chest radiation and no CVRF cluster had a sixfold increased risk of coronary artery disease (OR, 6.
A high CVRF index in the context of other active nonvascular disorders makes a multifactorial etiology more likely.
Introduction to CVRF and its value to the IT security landscape
The provision of marine safety equipment was just one of a series of benefits CVRF returned to its residents over the summer.
A brief webcast about CVRF, which will describe the enhancements in Version 1.
Seventeen of the 20 communities that comprise the CVRF lie within the Bethel Census Area.
With the use of CVRF, the producers of vulnerability reports will benefit from faster and more standardized reporting.
CVRF represents villages in Western Alaska and in 2009 completed work on a $40 million salmon-processing facility.