CVRLCentral Veterinary Research Laboratory (United Arab Emirates)
CVRLComputer Vision and Robotics Laboratory (US and Greece)
CVRLComputational Vision and Robotics Laboratory (est. 1985; Greece)
CVRLCardiovascular Research Laboratory (University of California, Los Angeles)
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The co-investigators from the UCLA CVRL include Dr Hrayr S.
The early embryonic stages of camel development at 9 mm CVRL stage revealed that the cephalic part of the neural tube is markedly expanded and give rise to the main primary brain vesicles.
where Y is age in days and X is CVRL in centimeters.
In small sized foetuses up to 2.6 cm CVRL the whole amount was taken as it is difficult to collect mammary glands at this age.
The five researchers at the CVRL's cell biology department put the yolks from chicken eggs and a surrogate egg white from a different species into a chicken egg that was 50 per cent bigger.
"We have asked for detailed results from the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) in Dubai," he said.
According to a statement released by chief steward Fin Powrie, a detailed inquiry was conducted by the stewards of the Emirates Racing Association yesterday, at which the trainer, his assistant and brother Samir, various stable employees and the attending vet, all gave evidence, along with the ERA Veterinary Officer and the CVRL analyst.
Immediately after collection, the foetuses were measured for their curved crown rump length (CVRL) in centimetres with a calibrated inelastic thread.
Professor Dr Ulli Wernery, the scientific director of the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) in Dubai, has written the booklet that tells the story of a racing camel in the UAE, named 'Shaheenia' that met its end due to this very reason.
camels/ age samples sex 1A 2013 2/M, F A, J Paired serum and 177 fecal samples 1B 2013 2/M, F A, J Animals raised at 5 CVRL 2 2013 2/M, F 2-8 y Racing camels 100 3 2013 2/M, F A Livestock camelsf 218 4 2003 1/F A Systematically 151 sampled Total 651 Collection Serum dilution, no.
The blood samples were sent to the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) in Dubai -- one of the only two authorised laboratories in the world certified by the Office International des Epizooties -- World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in Paris for testing glanders.