CVS2Capcom vs. SNK 2 (video game)
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Although no similarity was observed between the SPI of Crassostrea corteziensis and the SPI (CvS1, CvS2) of Crassostrea virginica, the closest species to C.
Given two sequences [F.sub.1], and [F.sub.2], Let CVS1={[CV.sub.11], [CV.sub.12], ..., [CV.sub.1p]} and CVS2 = {[CV.sub.2], [CV.sub.22], ..., [CV.sub.2q]} be compact summary CV set for [F.sub.1] and [F.sub.2] respectively, then the similarity between [F.sub.1] and [F.sub.2] based on their CVs is calculated by the formula: