CVSACommercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
CVSACyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association
CVSAComputerized Voice Stress Analysis
CVSACape Verdean Student Association
CVSACrime Victims Support Association (Australia)
CVSACentral Virginia Soccer Association (Richmond, Virginia)
CVSACape Verdean Students Association
CVSACape Verdean Student Alliance
CVSACentral Veterinary Students Association (University of Guelph; Canada)
CVSACerro Vanguardia SA
CVSACardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia
CVSACowichan Valley Soccer Association (Duncan, BC, Canada)
CVSACisco Virtual Switch Architecture
CVSACardiovascular Surgery Associates
CVSAChartiers Valley Soccer Association (Pennsylvania)
CVSACampus Village Student Association
CVSACombat Vehicle Simulation Architecture
CVSACanadian Vehicle Safety Alliance
CVSACarrier Vertical Strike Aircraft
CVSAContainer Vehicle Safety Alliance
CVSAComprehensive Victim Service Agency
CVSACommunity Volunteer Service Awards
CVSACampus Video Services Alliance
CVSACommercial Vehicle State Administrations
CVSACache Valley Soaring Association (Logan, UT)
CVSAChemung Valley Soccer Association (Horseheads, NY)
CVSACertified Vericept Solutions Architect
CVSAChesapeake Venture Sailing Association (Mayo, MD)
CVSAClub Vosgien Vallée de Saint-Amarin (French hiking club)
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CVSA works by measuring involuntary voice frequency changes that would indicate a high level of stress, as occurs when someone is being deceptive.
As part of a global resolution of all criminal, civil and administrative claims against the doctors and CVSA, the US and the State of Oregon agreed to defer prosecution of the four surgeons for a period of 18 months in return for the doctors' agreement to enter into a Diversion Agreement with the District of Oregon Office of Pretrial Services.
The partnership's billing practices, he said, "place me at great risk, without personal benefit, and without an avenue to change these practices, therefore jeopardizing the validity of my employment contract with CVSA," including the noncompetition clause.
Thus, the CVSA interacts with the corresponding UA when it is necessary.
Li, MD, also the main medical advisor for the CVSA.
For CVSA drivers, there is an absolute prohibition on the use of illegal drugs before, during and after driving.
Every year this event is publicized and every year the CVSA puts about 20 percent of the trucks on the road out of service for safety violations," said John Finnessy, CMP, Executive Director of the NPSA.
Both CVSA and polygraphs measure stress in the voice, and determine from that stress whether the subject is lying or not.
But this time they had a new investigative tool, a Computer Voice Stress Analyzer, or CVSA.
CVSA has developed the North American Standard VI Inspection Program which has been used for the inspection of select radiological shipments.
During his 20-year tenure at CVSA, and more than 10 years using Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs), Dr.
IRD) will be exhibiting at the CVSA Annual Conference & Exhibition from September 18-22, 2016 in Little Rock, Arkansas.