CVSDCentral Valley School District (Spokane, WA)
CVSDContinuous Variable Delta Modulation
CVSDContinuously Variable Slope Delta (modulation)
CVSDContinuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation (voice coding method)
CVSDChartiers Valley School District (Pittsburgh, PA)
CVSDCommercial Vehicle Safety Division (Connecticut)
CVSDContinuously Variable Slope Detection
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The audio codec is CVSD 15.625 kbps; cross accessing and data buffer pool are introduced to reduce hardware requirement and power consumption.
Kite explained that CVSD codecs, for example, are notorious for providing voice quality that's tolerable--good enough for a phone call--but not great.
The Brambles Primary School pupil suffers from a complete ventricular septal defect (CVSD) and the left hand side of her heart is missing.
Voice coding is accomplished using the continuously variable slope delta (CVSD) modulation technique.
Voice channels can be provided over these digital links by using phase-code modulation (PCM) or continous-variable-slope delta modulation (CVSD) encoding.
The Wavpac also loads a variety of digital voice waveforms, including CVSD and Melpe (600,1200,2400).