CVSDCentral Valley School District (Spokane, WA)
CVSDContinuously Variable Slope Delta (modulation)
CVSDContinuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation (voice coding method)
CVSDChartiers Valley School District (Pittsburgh, PA)
CVSDCommercial Vehicle Safety Division (Connecticut)
CVSDContinuously Variable Slope Detection
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The Wavpac also loads a variety of digital voice waveforms, including CVSD and Melpe (600,1200,2400).
CVSD is a fairly simplistic binary coding scheme, but was selected because it is highly robust and resistant to bit errors.
5 or 5 Watts Waveforms: Analogue voice, CVSD, TDMA, CSMA Encryption: Vocoder, frequency hopping, digital encryptor Notes: Customisable encryption algorithms, GPS position reporting, 1 metre immersion/2 hours MR 3000P Rohde & Schwarz 25 to 146 MHz n/a 5 Watt Waveforms: Secom-P digital EPM waveforms Encryption: frequency hopping, digital encryption Notes: Built-in GPS receiver, remote control unit available MR300xH/U Rohde & Schwarz 1.
Partnering with Electronic Recyclers, the Fresno-headquartered largest recycler of electronic waste in the State of California, the CVSD announced this week its total numbers for the free-to-locals collection event.
The CVSD project includes the labor, materials, equipment, installation and maintenance of Wide Area Network equipment.
An optional CVSD (voice) transcoder with PCM interface is available on request.