CVSDMContinuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation
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For CFDM we use [alpha] = 1.1, for CVSDM we use [beta] = 0.9 and for 2-bit ADM [8] we choose [alpha] = 1.1, [beta] = 1.9 and [gamma] = 1.5.
4 shows the achieved SNR scores in a wide range of the input speech signal amplitudes (for the same output bit rate), for the proposed algorithm with the switched first-order predictor (3-level [ADM.sup.I]) and the switched second-order predictor (3-level [ADM.sup.II]), as well as different baselines, including CFDM, CVSDM and 2-bit ADM [8].
The proposed configuration with the switched second-order linear prediction provides over 4 dB higher SNR in comparison to CFDM and CVSDM and more than 2.5 dB with respect to 2-bit ADM [8].