CVSLCascode Voltage Switch Logic
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CVSL said that Betterware the tenth company to become part of CVSL and grows the company's presence in the UK home shopping market.
CVSL is umbrella to several direct-to-consumer brands that retain separate identity, sales force, product line and compensation plan, while CVSL seeks synergies and efficiencies in operational areas.
The most significant part of the approach, however, which set this project apart from many other efforts, was the amount of direct involvement from the physician leader of the CVSL.
CVSL is a growing federation of direct-to-consumer companies.
We believe Kleeneze will be an outstanding addition to our CVSL family of companies.
Bill Lovell, CEO of the Niche Group said, "It is especially gratifying when a client as industry savvy Rochon recognizes the power of our technology platform and plans to incorporate it into his strategic vision for CVSL.
We are pleased that this latest addition to the CVSL federation of direct-to-consumer companies is now complete," said John Rochon Jr.
25 March 2015 - US-based direct-to-consumer company CVSL Inc.
A substantial majority of the consideration payable in cash and the remainder in CVSL shares, the company said.
Findel said that the transaction is conditional upon CVSL obtaining formal approval from the NYSE and other customary completion matters.
6 February 2015 - US-based direct-to-consumer seller CVSL Inc.
29 January 2014 - US direct to consumer company CVSL Inc (OTCMKTS:CVSL) has divested its remaining interest in domestic sector player Blyth Inc (NYSE:BTH), CVSL's investment committee chairman John Rochon Jr said in a statement, without unveiling financial details and the name of the buyer.