CVSLCascode Voltage Switch Logic
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We firmly believe that our strategy is sound and that our continuing good financial results are proof that CVSL is very much on the right track.
These statements include statements about the growth of CVSL, the anticipated customer results after they try the products and the impact of the new skin care line on the beauty market.
The most significant part of the approach, however, which set this project apart from many other efforts, was the amount of direct involvement from the physician leader of the CVSL.
We believe Kleeneze will be an outstanding addition to our CVSL family of companies.
Bill Lovell, CEO of the Niche Group said, "It is especially gratifying when a client as industry savvy Rochon recognizes the power of our technology platform and plans to incorporate it into his strategic vision for CVSL.
direct-to-consumer company, which CVSL acquired in March.
We are pleased that this latest addition to the CVSL federation of direct-to-consumer companies is now complete," said John Rochon Jr.
To experience this thrill on behalf of not only Your Inspiration At Home, but all the CVSL companies, is truly exciting," said Ms.
Once companies are acquired, CVSL seeks to enhance their performance and achieve profitability.
The article includes an interview with CVSL chairman John Rochon, as well as with the founder and CEO of one of CVSL's operating companies, Colleen Walters ofYour Inspiration At Home .
CVSL companies currently include The Longaberger Company , a 42-year old maker of hand-crafted baskets and other home decor items; Your Inspiration At Home , an award-winning maker of hand-crafted spices and other gourmet food items from around the world; Tomboy Tools , a direct seller of tools designed for women as well as home security systems; Agel Enterprises , a global seller of nutritional products in gel form as well as a skin care line, operating in 40 countries; Paperly , which offers a line of custom stationery and other personalized products; My Secret Kitchen , a U.
Management believes that, because CVSL is in the early stage of executing its strategy of scaling up the business through acquisitions, the pro forma figure allows for better comparisons with historical results.