CVSTCerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (medical condition)
CVSTCountryside Volunteer Search Team (Hong Kong)
cVSTContinuous Vectorcardiography ST-Segment Monitoring (cardiology)
CVSTChinese Visiting Scholars in Toronto (Canada)
CVSTCorporate Voluntary Sector Team (UK)
CVSTCenter for Vision Science and Technology (University of Southern California; Los Angeles, CA)
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Herein, we reported four cases with CVST, a rare manifestation, and JAK2 V617F - positive ET, which emphasized the thrombotic potential of this disease.
The first manifestation was CVST in the four latent ET patients.
First, an analysis was conducted to determine the internal coherence of CVST results; in other words, that the RTs were greater in display sizes where the target was absent and when there were a greater number of distractors.
With respect to the relationship between ARDES scores and CVST performance, a positive correlation was observed with the number of total errors (ErrorT) committed in the task (r=.
1 In the current study records of patients with various neurological problems who had presented to the emergency department (ED) and were diagnosed with CVST and were evaluated by using different parameters such as distribution of age and gender, time between onset and presentation, clinical findings, predisposing factors, MPV and PDW values, neuroimaging findings and their treatment regime were reviewed.
The data related to patients diagnosed with CVST and admitted to ED.
CVST is a rare variety of cerebrovascular disease with a remarkable range of clinical presentations.
Consensus guidelines recommend that anticoagulation therapy should be considered in neonates with severe thrombophilias, multiple cerebral or systemic emboli, or clinical or radiological evidence of propagating CVST despite supportive therapy.
Known conditions that increase the risk of CVST include hypercoagulable states, dehydration, adjacent infectious processes, low cerebral blood flow, oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, pregnancy, and puerperium (Benamer & Bone, 2000; Buccino et al.
3] Unless there is suspicion of meningitis, examination of CSF is not helpful for diagnosis of CVST.
If high risk of CVST with OC use is confirmed, undiagnosed CVST may account for a significant portion of ischemic strokes attributed to OCs," they said.
Coun Jim Sewell said: "Station Burn Local Nature Reserve is an excellent wildlife site and it's great to see volunteers such as CVST helping to keep it that way.