CVSTCerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (medical condition)
CVSTCountryside Volunteer Search Team (Hong Kong)
cVSTContinuous Vectorcardiography ST-Segment Monitoring (cardiology)
CVSTChinese Visiting Scholars in Toronto (Canada)
CVSTCorporate Voluntary Sector Team (UK)
CVSTCenter for Vision Science and Technology (University of Southern California; Los Angeles, CA)
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The first-line treatment in acute CVST remains anticoagulation and hydration.
Anticoagulation is the mainstay of treatment for CVST.
Known conditions that increase the risk of CVST include hypercoagulable states, dehydration, adjacent infectious processes, low cerebral blood flow, oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, pregnancy, and puerperium (Benamer & Bone, 2000; Buccino et al.
Anticoagulation with heparin is the first line of treatment in CVST (Baker et al.
Consensus guidelines recommend that anticoagulation therapy should be considered in neonates with severe thrombophilias, multiple cerebral or systemic emboli, or clinical or radiological evidence of propagating CVST despite supportive therapy.
Tony Purcell, a member of CVST, said: "One of our group had seen a photo of a log cabin built from tree trunks.