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CVTContinuously Variable Transmission (automotive, sport, utility & hybrid vehicles)
CVTCenter for Victims of Torture
CVTCertified Veterinary Technician
CVTCapital Value Tax
CVTContinuing Vocational Training
CVTConstant Voltage Transformer
CVTControl Value Table
CVTCardiovascular Technologist
CVTCardiovascular Technician
CVTCentroidal Voronoi Tessellation
CVTCapacitor Voltage Transformer
CVTCurrent Value Table
CVTCoordinated Video Timings
CVTCongenital Vertical Talus (aka rocker-bottom foot deformity)
CVTChemical Vapor Transport
CVTCommunications Vector Table
CVTTraining Aircraft Carrier
CVTCommunication Vector Table (MVS)
CVTCollege du Val-de-Travers
CVTControlled Variable Time
CVTCitizens for Voluntary Trade
CVTCollaborative Virtual Testing
CVTCreative Vision Technologies, Inc.
CVTChess Visualization Training
CVTCode Version Table
CVTColorado Valley Transit
CVTCellular Video Transmitter
CVTCerebrovascular Thrombosis
CVTCoosa Valley Technical Institute (Rome GA, USA)
CVTConcept Verification Test
CVTComponent Verification Tool
CVTComposite Vinyl Tile (flooring)
CVTCenter of Volcanic Textures
CVTConstant Velocity Target
CVTContinuous Verification and Testing
CVTCharacter Mode Virtual Terminal
CVTCentral Vermont Railway, Inc.
CVTControl Volume Thermodynamics
CVTConfiguration Verification Test
CVTClive Vale Translations
CVTCertified Vascular Technologist
CVTColumbia County, Wisconsin Civil Municipal Districts
CVTCryptographic Verification Test
CVTControlled Vulnerability Test
CVTConformance Validation Test
CVTCurrent to Voltage Transmitter
CVTClub Veveysan de Tennis (French: Vevey Tennis Club; Vevey, Switzerland)
CVTCentre de Vacances et de Tourisme (French: Vacation and Tourism Center)
CVTCapital Variance Template
CVTCentre de Veille Technologique (French: Technology Watch Center; Luxembourg)
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The market size has been calculated based on the unit production of CVT for light vehicles globally.
Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC)(TYO: 7267), a Japan-based automaker, has started construction at its CVT plant in Mexico.
As the first CVT belt to utilize a carbon tensile cord, Gates G-Force C12 belt combines minimal stretch and extraordinary strength.
To enhance fuel economy, the new CVT is compatible with an idle stop system and features a high-efficiency electric oil pump among other features.
Upcoming CVT technology comes with a lower cost than earlier CVT systems, which required hydrostatic pumps and motors.
When the first generation of the Jazz was launched in the UK back in 2002 you could order one with a CVT automatic gearbox and it became a best seller.
Many kinds of physicians may be the first to encounter a patient with CVT because of its many causes and symptoms.
The Hybrid comes with a CVT automatic gearbox and has paddles behind the steering wheel for hands-on Formula 1-style driving with seven speeds on tap.
Both the Hybrid and the new CVT models share the same top speed -109mph -although with a 0-62mph acceleration time of 12.
Now, the Federal Board of Revenue would have nothing to do with the Capital Value Tax on immoveable property, as it has no more mandates to collect this CVT.
Buyers get a choice of six-speed manual or Xtronic CVT, though "we expect 90% of Sentras to be equipped with the CVT," says Kcomt.
Gravid patients have an elevated CVT risk because of the normal alterations in the coagulation process associated with pregnancy.