CVTAConnected Vehicle Trade Association (Plymouth, Michigan)
CVTACollege van Toezicht Auteursrecht (Netherlands)
CVTACommercial Vehicle Training Association, Inc.
CVTACoachella Valley Teachers Association (California)
CVTACincinnati Veterinary Technicians Association (Ohio)
CVTACross Vermont Trail Association (Montpelier, VT)
CVTAColorado Veterans Tuition Assistance
CVTACastro Valley Teachers Association (California)
CVTACorporate Valuation Theory and Application
CVTACanadian Ving Tsun Academy (Canada)
CVTAChateauguay Valley Teachers Association
CVTACentral Vermont Transportation Association, Inc.
CVTACaterham Valley Traders Association (UK)
CVTAClare Valley Tourist Association (Australia)
CVTACherokee Village Townhouse Association (Arkansas)
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Through a Grant Agreement between the CVTA and the Vermont Agency of Transportation
VTrans), the CVTA will manage the project while the VTrans Municipal Assistance Bureau
To convert our CVTA calculations to volume, each CVTA value was converted to a composite viable tumor volume by treating the CVTA as a circle (the same 2-dimensional shape as the ablation cavity) and determining its radius.
In all such cases, the histologic sections confirmed the gross impression and the CVTA was calculated from the largest measured radius of the cavity.
The objective estimates were always lower than the subjective estimates in these poorly sampled cases because a significant amount of VT was not sampled and thus was not included in our CVTA calculations, which were based on glass slide examination.
CVTA is organizing a working group that will include automakers, suppliers, technology firms and content providers, for the purpose of developing a framework that would apply to embedded, in-vehicle and mobile Internet devices.
Internet content is beginning to enter the vehicle environment, and we need to bring together all relevant stakeholders to identify the safest means of interacting with this content," said Scott McCormick, CVTA president.
ATX is a valued member of CVTA, and we fully support their thought leadership in convening this initiative," added Scott McCormick, president of the CVTA (www.
Anyone interested in participating in early discussions or receiving notice of the October forum is encouraged to send their contact information to CVTA at sjm@connectedvehicle.
Concurrently, the Company announced the election of CruiseCam International CEO Scott Watkins to the Proving Center Technical Advisory Committee of the CVTA.
CruiseCam International CEO Scott Watkins said, "We are pleased to join the CVTA, a respected industry trade association that allows us to collaborate with some of the industry's finest customers and partners worldwide.