CVTCChippewa Valley Technical College (WI, USA)
CVTCCoosa Valley Technical College (Romr, GA)
CVTCCopper Valley Telephone Cooperative
CVTCCrime Victims Treatment Center (est. 1977; New York, NY)
CVTCCuyahoga Valley Trails Council (Akron, OH)
CVTCColorado Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc (Texas, USA)
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CVTC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
The most efficient method for measuring the academic success of Hmong students was through secondary data analysis of all current and former students enrolled at CVTC who chose to self-identify as "Hmong" in the Race/Ethnicity section of college enrollment forms.
Marcy Bruflat, CVTC fire services instructor and program director, first proposed the camp in 2007 and has worked the past six years to get it up and running.
CVTC also provides firms with introductory workshops, administrative assistance and inclusion on the "Rideboard.
In November, CVTC plans to activate a new DMS-1 switch in the Glennallen exchange to accommodate the growth in the northern part of its territory.
LeGrande has served on the CVTC Foundation board since 1997.
5 litre CVTC engine coupled with a choice of five speed manual and four speed automatic gearbox.
As a member of ACTE and the Wisconsin ACTE for over four years, she has represented her state association at CVTC events and recruited new members to the organization.
DBHDS is seeking to identify multiple vendors that have the capacity to develop community options for up to a total of 60 individuals currently residing in CVTC nursing facility.
CVTC optimises the opening and closing of the intake valves in accordance with vehicle operating conditions (load, engine RPM, etc.
I definitely had a leg up in this position," Kompkoff said, noting that in her five years as an accounting clerk for CVTC she learned the company's "history and quirks and processes.
After many months of research and investigation into CDMA digital-network platforms and vendors, we feel strongly that this technology will provide CVW with a proven and innovative high-performance end-to-end solution that will give us a competitive advantage and position us well within our market area," said Dave Dengel, CEO/General Manager of CVTC.