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CVUCanadian Virtual University
CVUCollegiate Volleyball Update (website)
CVUCouncil of Validating Universities
CVUCorvo Island, Azores, Portugal (airport code)
CVUCerner Virtual University
CVUCase Value Update
CVUClinique Vétérinaire Universitaire (French: University Veterinary Clinic; Belgium)
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Kelley Hess scored both goals in the 2-0 victory over the CVU Thumpers in Thousand Oaks on Sunday.
Kay further explained, unlike other network devices, the CVU 320G smart traffic monitoring switches deliver real time performance reporting combined with highly accurate time stamping immediately at the physical input ports.
There is an aeronautical expression that pilots and weather forecasters use -- Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited -- the three-letter acronym for which is CVU, our new stock symbol.
The mission of CVU is to bring the best of California higher education to full- and part-time students in California, the United States and throughout the world.
This is a good fit because both CVU and National are interested in providing students throughout the globe with access to all of California's unique educational assets.
As online education expands in the years ahead, this important difference gives CVU a competitive advantage over other providers who may offer courses and programs of low or uneven quality.