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CVVCard Verification Value (credit card security)
CVVConseil des Ventes Volontaires (French: Council of Voluntary Sales; auctions)
CVVComputer Vision and Voice
CVVCard Verification Value
CVVCard Validation Value
CVVCash Value Voucher (USDA)
CVVCercle de la Voile de Valence (French sailing club)
CVVCercle de la Voile de Vidy (French)
CVVCompressor Variable Vane
CVVChi Vivrà Vedrà
CVVAircraft Carrier, Medium Size
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CVV strains were similarly sequenced by using primers based on complete sequences of the MNZ-92011 strain (GenBank accession nos.
Brown is also charged with possession of at least 15 credit card numbers and their CVV codes without the knowledge of the cardholders with intent to defraud them.
Rich and his team were behind another successful charity single for CVV - What Colour Is The Wind - featuring Welsh singer and entertainer Mike Doyle, which has so far raised pounds 10,500.
And the Citi hackers didn't get to the three-digit numbers that appear on the backs of credit cards, a security feature known as the CVV code.
Earlier this year RBI sought to make 'card not present' transactions more secure by insisting that banks ask for an additional password in addition to the credit card number and the CVV number printed on the back of the card.
This password is not linked to your account or card, so even if someone knows your card details and CVV number, they will not be able to use your credit card, thereby protecting you from fraud or identity theft.
Visa Electron, one of Visa's debit card products, allows cardholders to spend directly from their current account and allows them to purchase goods via the Internet (using sites recommended by Visa through card verification value -- CVV standards).
The cashier didn't use a swipe card and instead took my CVV number to make the transaction
There were no trisyllabic forms in which the lengthened consonant was preceded by a CVV first syllable.
The airline said the new system will allow customers to purchase their e-tickets in China by dialling the airline's hotline at 95539 and after booking flights customers will be directed to enter their credit card number, valid dates and CVV code.
A white Mercedes Sprinter van, Y87 CVV, was stolen from Bretton Business Park, Bretton Way in Savile Town.