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CVV2Card Verification Value (credit card fraud prevention mechanism)
CVV2Card Verification Value 2 (Visa three-digit code)
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stripe and a CVV2 on the back of the card, but neither will be encoded
Pretending to be reporting a fraudulent transaction, the caller asks for the cardholder's CVV2 code over the phone.
So they are partially compliant when it comes to credit card transactions." The most important thing for a card used in a retail outlet or an SMB, is the card holder name, then CVV2 -- card verification value: the security code on the back of the card -- and then the track-one and track-two data which is on the magnetic strip.
These requirements state that cardholder authentication data (e.g., CVV2 code) are not to be stored; minimal, if any, cardholder account data (e.g., number and expiration date) should be stored; cardholder data that is stored must be encrypted; and cardholder data must be encrypted during transmission.
But Ann Davidson, senior risk consultant with CUNA Mutual, said the company has also begun revealing that data from the CVV2 line had also been compromised, leaving the card accounts open to card-not-present theft.
All purchases made with Visa debit will be backed by Visa's multiple layers of security, which aims to reduce the risk of fraud through Visa's Zero Liability Policy, Verified by Visa, E-Promise, AVS (Address Verification Service) and CVV2 (the three-digit code).