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CVVHContinuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration
CVVHContinuous Veno-Venous Hemodialysis
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After CVVH was commenced, the rate of clearance of DDS was increased 3.
This reduction can be explained by the clearance of dapsone by CVVH and to a lesser extent MDAC, which could not be administered beyond 24 hours in our patient due to ileus.
In summary, in patients with acute DDS overdose when methaemoglobinemia does not respond to initial management, CVVH provides a safe alternative management option by increasing the elimination of DDS and its principal metabolite.
A specific consideration should be done with respect to three studies comparing conservative treatment versus CVVH or high volume haemofiltration (58,62), or in patients without AKI (8) respectively.
Comparison of clinical efficacy between continuous veno-venous hemofiltration (CVVH) and CVVH combined with hemoperfusion for the treatment of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome].
As a consequence of the above issues no further CVVH intervention occurred, the patient's thrombocytopenia became worse and her condition deteriorated further, at which point CVVH was seen as a futile treatment.
2002), although the cost of CVVH treatment is not made public by the government.
The benefit of treatment with CVVH is not in doubt, as it effectively balances fluid and electrolytes as well as removing metabolic wastes.
In this case, some medical personnel believed that using CVVH to treat a sepsis patient was futile because the patient's medical problem was not primarily renal failure.
The animals were randomly assigned to normal control group (n=4), peritonitis group (n=6) and peritonitis plus CVVH (n=6).
One hour after the infusion, animals in the peritonitis plus CVVH group received high-volume CVVH.
With the improved CO and stroke volume (SV), systolic MAP was significantly higher in animals receiving CVVH versus the peritonitis group (Figure 1).