CVVTContinuously Variable Valve Timing
CVVTCercle de la Voile de Vevey la Tour (sailing club, Switzerland)
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This DOHC four-cylinder 2349 cc power-unit has dual CVVT, four valves per cylinder and features weight-saving all-aluminium construction.
The two-litre, 16-valve CVVT petrol was a different kettle of fish and you really had to work the manual gearbox to get any sort of response.
0 GSInow benefits from the CVVT engine previously seen in the Coupe -- as a result, power has been increased and CO2 emissions reduced and fuel consumption rates are also improved.
6-litre CVVT flex-fuel engine borrowed from the Hyundai HB20 family that delivers 138bhp and 16.
4ltr CVVT engine that gives highly reliable and quality performance.
0-liter Dual CVVT engine with 158 hp and 192 Nm of torque.
6-litre 16-valve will be offered alongside the tried-and-tested two-litre featuring CVVT, which helps provide that little extra oomph when it matters.
6-litre CVVT flex-fuel engine sourced from the Hyundai HB20 range, coupled with a choice of six-speed manual and six-speed automatic gearbox.
4ltr CVVT engine that gives reliable and quality performance.
3-liter V6, with CVVT, 24 valves, and a variable intake system.
6 L CVVT flex-fuel engine that generates 128bhp and 161 Nm of max power, coupled with a six-speed manual or six speed automatic transmission.
4-litre CVVT petrol engine that produces a maximum 108 PS at 6,300 rpm and 136.