CVWCarrier Air Wing
CVWCollaborative Virtual Workspace
CVWCarrier Wing
CVWCodeView for Windows (software)
CVWChild Victims of War (St. Cleer, England, UK)
CVWcryptovariable weekly (GPS) (US DoD)
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To help the company achieve its service goals and to control maintenance and fuel costs, CVW has developed a successful alternative energy program.
CVW 11 aviators work with Army air controllers on the ground and Air Force assets in the sky to bring joint precision support to counter-insurgency operations.
Since the implementation of this approach, no CVW patient has suffered a CLABSI.
Though the job was passed on to the CVW team, the responsibility to ensure our aircraft was armed belonged to me.
At the midway point of Stennis' deployment, CVW 9 had flown 5,671 sorties and put in more than 14,800 flight hours since departing San Diego Jan.
In October 1988, the Wildcats transferred from CVW 13 to CVW 7, and they deployed in August 1990 aboard USS Dwight D.
Combined with 24/7/365 support to CVW 5 and the international engagement priorities of our Seventh Fleet and Commander, Task Force SEVEN ZERO (CTF 70) leadership, the logistics plan developed hand-in-hand with support providers must have the capacity for the vast sustainment requirements of the carrier three to four escort ships, and 70 aircraft.
I spent a bit of time as the maintenance chief of CVW 8 chasing people off aircraft because they were working without cranials or uncinched chin straps.
CVW can be downloaded from the EmergeCore website, installed and configured in a matter of minutes.
Under the Agreement, CVW has the exclusive right to market, promote, sell and distribute the Product in Australia.
After many months of research and investigation into CDMA digital network platforms and vendors, we feel strongly that ZTE has provided CVW with a proven and innovative high-performance end-to-end solution that will give us a competitive advantage and position us well within our market area," said Dave Dengel, CEO/general manager of Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative.
CVW Limited Partnership; Wynmoor Limited Partnership; Wynville Realty, Inc.