CWACChildren with AIDS Charity (London, England, UK)
CWACClean Water Action Council (est. 1985; Wisconsin)
CWACCanadian Women's Army Corps (WWII)
CWACCoordinated Waterbird Counts (African Waterfowl Census Programme)
CWACCanines with a Cause (est. 2001; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CWACCharlotte World Affairs Council
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Caption: BELOW: CWAC Helen Rochon saw British Prime Minister Winston Churchill giving the "V for Victory" salute as his car passed through crowds during a V-E Day parade in London, England on May 8, 1945.
CWAC (Child Welfare Advisory Council (New South Wales)) (1944) The pre-school child: report 1944, Sydney, Butterworth & Co.
37) She was direct about the type of work that needed to be done, "[w]hile the CWAC uniforms are smart, the jobs to be filled are humdrum.
The city already had community involvement with the CWAC, had a permissive transfer plan in place, and was working with the HEW to desegregate the faculty (Advisory committee 1977).
Within six months, the discriminatory policy of immediate discharge for VD-infected members of the CWAC was reversed, but new discriminations came into force.
CWAC is among the nation's exemplary programs in local government direction of efforts to reduce poverty and transform neighborhoods.
Jack Hawks, president of the CWAC Board of Directors and executive director of the California Water Association, says, "Many consumers need to be reminded of the important steps they can take to conserve water at home and how integral conservation is to the many other solutions to help ease our water shortage.
Evelyn Davis was recruited to the CWAC, and subsequently posted to the secretive Camp X in Oshawa due to her invaluable training in Morse code.
Also pictured is chairman of CWAC, Cllr Bob Rudd 200515royal_28 Pictures: IAN COOPER
Answers: 1 (b) Mary Greyeyes was the first First Nations woman in CWAC during the Second World War.
Each subcommittee is co-chaired by a private purchase-of-service provider who is a member of CWAC and the deputy director of the child welfare agency responsible for the service area or business area.
The veteran could have been a wing commander or a seaman, a nursing sister or a CWAC, a colonel or a corporal.