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CWASChrist with All Saints (church; UK)
CWASCalifornia Wine Appellation Specialist (credential)
CWASCentre of West African Studies (University of Birmingham; UK)
CWASCentral West Astronomical Society (Australia)
CWASCentral Westchester Audubon Society (White Plains, NY)
CWASContractor Weighted Average Share (in Cost Risk)
CWASCapital Works Assistance Scheme (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
CWASCommon Wireless Access System
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HF is exempted from the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) (USEPA, 1974) and the Clean Water Act(CWA) (U SEPA, 1972) and an assortment of other regulatory protections for water and land, but subject to state laws that vary from state to state.
With a detection limit 1,000x more sensitive than the NATO requirement for semi-volatile detection, HAPSITE Viper allows military forces to survey an area for trace amounts of CWAs and get reliable results on-site for earlier warning and faster decisions affecting the safety of troops and civilians.
Microsensor testing on the CWAs was performed at the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC), a Department of Defense facility at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.
CWAs are based on shrink-wrap agreements common in mass-marketed software.
Other advanced technology systems, such as a Collision Warning & Avoidance System (CWAS) with Heads-Up Display, which are being developed by the NAG and Oakland University, may be incorporated into the vehicles.
The results of these projects are incorporated into ISSS workshops and then published as CWAs. In this way, e-commerce in individual sectors can cross-fertilize.
As can be seen in Table 1, individuals who have had customized work arrangements (CWAs) are more likely to be married and to have children.
The indices to measure the inefficiency in total land use were computed by combining the inefficiency in cropping intensity with the lands, which are currently culturable waste areas (CWAs).
I cwas catheterized and put on the litter, and the litter was submerged into a large stainless-steel tank of water.
ISLAMABAD -- Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development was considering to relocate its four Community Welfare Attaches (CWAs) from European countries to Gulf states, aimed at redressing issues of maximum Pakistani diaspora there.
Among others, the CWAs at Consulate General of Pakistan and embassies of Dubai-II, Jeddah-I,