CWBLCanadian Wheelchair Basketball League (est. 1986)
CWBLCenter for Work-Based Learning (Maryland)
CWBLColoma Way Branch Library (Roseville, CA)
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In 1951, Lonergan wrote of judgments of value that "set the good of order above private advantage, subordinate technology to economics, [and] refer economics to social welfare" ("The Role of a Catholic University in the Modern World," in Collection, CWBL 4, ed.
It can also be related to his characterization of empirical and critical human sciences under the guidance of method as moving "toward the enlargement of the attainable human good" ("Moral Theology and the Human Sciences," CWBL 17, p.
53) "Horizons and Transpositions," CWBL 17 409-432, at 410.
A surd is something unintelligible, a "false fact," as Lonergan elsewhere describes the peculiar status of sin as non-ens ("Ethics and God," in Understanding and Being, CWBL 5, ed.
73) "The Human Good as Object: Differentials and Integration," in Topics in Education: The Cincinnati Lectures of 1959 on the Philosophy of Education, CWBL 10, ed.