CWCCCentral West Community College (training, recruitment and community support services; New South Wales, Australia; est. 1983)
CWCCCouncil for World Class Communities (est. 2001)
CWCCCentral Wyoming Counseling Center (Casper, WY)
CWCCCall with Current Continuation (also seen as CALL/CC)
CWCCCentre for Workplace Communication and Culture (est. 1991; Australia)
CWCCCoventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce (England, UK)
CWCCCreative Center for Women with Cancer (New York City, NY, USA)
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26, for diets formulated with 10, 20 and 30% CWCC, respectively.
Results of the study revealed that LWand DW reduced as dietary inclusion level of CWCC increased.
Results of the blood chemistry evaluation of broiler finishers as affected by contents of anti-nutritional factors in CWCC arepresented in Table 6.
The determined nutrients composition reflected the variability in the original contents of maize and CWCC which were the variable ingredients.
The non-significant variation in feed intake across the dietary treatments was a result of minimal anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) in CWCC due to processing.
The objective of the meeting was increasing cooperation between the CWCC and the local manufacturers,in addition to increasing cooperation and coordination among them as well, in order to achieve complete domestication of the technology and industrial processes involved and thereby increasing investment opportunities in the sector.
The CWCC vision is to create a set of interdependent, world-class communities where diversity and inclusion are the foundation and no one is left behind.
The CWCC has also put in place a collaborative process to secure additional funds from local sources, including businesses, local private foundations and non-profit organizations.
Despite last month's civil disturbances in Benton Harbor, the CWCC leadership has been encouraged by the outpouring of positive support from Benton Harbor ministers, elected officials and leaders from communities throughout the region.
The CWCC is a community-based nonprofit group of community, education and business stakeholders from Southwest Michigan.