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CWDChronic Wasting Disease
CWDCurrent Working Directory
CWDChange Working Directory
CWDChicks with Dicks
CWDCoarse Woody Debris
CWDChildren with Disabilities
CWDCenter for Workforce Development
CWDContinuous Wave Doppler
CWDCenter for Workers with Disabilities
CWDConvert Word to Double Word
CWDConcealed Weapons Detection
CWDCall Waiting Deluxe
CWDCourseware Development
CWDCold Winter Day (energy industry)
CWDChoi-Williams Distribution
CWDChemical Warfare Defense
CWDCentre for Women and Development
CWDComputer Web Design
CWDChemical Waste Disposal
CWDCustomer Want Date
CWDCase Writing Division (USAF)
CWDConsistent with Dates
CWDCadet Working Dress
CWDConsecutive-Weeks Discount
CWDCommercial Work Data
CWDConnection Wiring Diagram (electrical engineering)
CWDChemical World Database
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In contrast to mice, hamsters succumbed to clinical disease when inoculated with Wise-1 CWD prions but were less susceptible to [H95.
Newcastle were unable to respond and CWD were crowned champions with Newcastle runners-up .
EHD outbreaks are very cyclic, while CWD infection rates tend to increase as more prions are deposited in the environment.
7) We conducted a study to estimate the economic impact of revision CWD mastoidectomy.
Many states, including Kentucky, have already prohibited the importation of whole deer or those parts, including brains and spines, known to harbor CWD prions.
CWD "would have raised its ugly head a lot sooner than now," said wildlife ecologist Don White at the University of Arkansas Agriculture Experiment Station in Monticello.
Samples of CWD were located across the 750-ha Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve, north-east of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory (149[degrees]18'E, 35[degrees]20'S), in south-eastern Australia.
Writing in the online edition of the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, they have revealed that they wanted determine whether exposure to CWD could induce disease in the macaques.
This study hopes to set up a baseline data of the CWD in the areas in terms of age, gender, educational attainment, conditions related to birth and current difficulties.
The frequencies of the intense mode arrivals were reported as the frequency at the high end of the WT and CWD frequency bands.
Lieutenant Dave Cleary of the Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Division said his agency "will aggressively investigate all incidents of illegal importation of parts or wildlife from CWD states.
De todas las encefalopatias transmisibles, la CWD es la unica que se ha observado en especies que viven en libertad y aunque no hay evidencia de que se transmita al hombre, existe cierta preocupacion a este respecto.