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CWDChronic Wasting Disease
CWDCurrent Working Directory
CWDChange Working Directory
CWDChicks with Dicks
CWDCoarse Woody Debris
CWDChildren with Disabilities
CWDCenter for Workforce Development
CWDContinuous Wave Doppler
CWDCenter for Workers with Disabilities
CWDConvert Word to Double Word
CWDConcealed Weapons Detection
CWDCall Waiting Deluxe
CWDCourseware Development
CWDCold Winter Day (energy industry)
CWDChoi-Williams Distribution
CWDChemical Warfare Defense
CWDCentre for Women and Development
CWDComputer Web Design
CWDChemical Waste Disposal
CWDCustomer Want Date
CWDCase Writing Division (USAF)
CWDConsistent with Dates
CWDCadet Working Dress
CWDConsecutive-Weeks Discount
CWDCommercial Work Data
CWDConnection Wiring Diagram (electrical engineering)
CWDChemical World Database
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The inoculation was oral, and CWD transmits via oral liquids (mucous).
Samples of CWD were located across the 750-ha Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve, north-east of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory (149[degrees]18'E, 35[degrees]20'S), in south-eastern Australia.
Nine cynomolgus macaques were inoculated orally and 6 were inoculated intracerebrally with 1 of 3 CWD pools as described (7).
Also, no state that has detected CWD in its wildlife has been able to eradicate it.
Whether or not humans will be susceptible to CWD is a gray area right now" he says.
indigenous TSEs--scrapie, CWD, and TME--in a wide assortment of species.
Unlike most infectious diseases, CWD does not appear to have an
This may help explain how CWD spreads in the wild, even when infected deer numbers are very low.
Clinical signs of CWD include weight loss and behavioral changes such as altered stance, pacing, excessive salivation, and hyperexcitability that progress over weeks or months (1).
Analysis of CWD lifetimes for Australian and other species, revealed that an average of 92 years was required for 95% decomposition, with a median of 49 years.
Disturbances such as logging and mass wasting affect the rate at which CWD is delivered to streams.
CWD destroys the brains of deer, elk, moose and caribou; the animals become emaciated, act abnormally, lose coordination and die.