CWDBCentral Wool Development Board (India)
CWDBCell Wall-Deficient Bacteria
CWDBCentralina Workforce Development Board (Charlotte, NC)
CWDBClose White Dwarf Binary (star system)
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To deal with these cases, WebCrow is equipped with a crossword database (CWDB) of previously solved clue-answer pairs and with a number of pattern-based answering experts that return the answer even in the case of an approximate matching of the clues in the database.
This is much more evident for long (that is, > 6 letters) words than for short ones, that can be more easily found by accessing the crossword database (CWDB).
Seen Answer Seen Clues Washington Post '06 94.44 percent 52.70 percent New York Times '06 Monday- 90.32 percent 44.95 percent Saturday New York Times '06 Sunday 88.52 percent 5.59 percent USA-1 (ECAI-06) 83.82 percent 48.53 percent USA-2 (ECAI-06) 90.79 percent 52.63 percent AI Magazine 59.24 percent 7.14 percent Seen Clue- Answer Pairs Washington Post '06 45.25 percent New York Times '06 Monday- 34.42 percent Saturday New York Times '06 Sunday 35.13 percent USA-1 (ECAI-06) 20.59 percent USA-2 (ECAI-06) 46.05 percent AI Magazine 3.36 percent The novelty of a puzzle is measured by the number of answers, clues, and clue-answer pairs that can be observed in previously seen crosswords (CWDB).