CWEPCommunity Work Experience Program
CWEPCommunity Women's Education Project
CWEPCommonwealth Water Education Project (Kentucky)
CWEPChild Welfare Education Program (various states)
CWEPCommercial Wind Energy Project (Kansas)
CWEPCanada Wood Export Program (est. 2001)
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The assignment rate to specific activities like CWEPs may reflect local commitment to welfare-to-work program designs.
Yet beyond sketchy numbers and enthusiastic anecdotes, there's little hard evidence for the success of CWEPs, job search programs, or other variants of workfare.
One client participated in CWEP and followed that with part-time employment.
Six of the clients elected to participate in survival skills, and five were active in the CWEP programme.
None of the other KanWork programmes, college, survival skills, CWEP or Job Club/Job Search indicated statistically significant contribution to job readiness.
The state provides CWEP (Community Work Experience Program) placements or "Independence Jobs" (developed for WNW participants) for those required to work who cannot find private employment.