CWEQConditions of Work Effectiveness Questionnaire
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Kwestionariusz warunkow efektywnosci pracy II (CWEQ II)
Kwestionariusz warunkow efektywnosci pracy II (CWEQ II) jest przeznaczony do pomiaru wymiarow upodmiotowienia - dostrzeganego dostepu do mozliwosci, wsparcia, informacji i zasobow w indywidualnym srodowisku pracy, a takze 2 zrodel wladzy w organizacji, formalnej i nieformalnej [10].
W ten sposob sformulowano twierdzenia we wszystkich skalach CWEQ II.
Questions on the CWEQ II resources subscale pertain to not having enough time to do necessary paperwork, time to accomplish job requirements, and getting help when needed.
Frequencies were calculated for the demographic variables and descriptive statistics were calculated for the JAS, ORS, CWEQ, and intent to stay instruments.
Pearson correlation coefficients were computed to investigate the associations between intent to stay and each of the three empowerment variables, formal power (JAS), informal power (ORS), and overall work empowerment and its four sub-components (CWEQ) (see Table 4).
Alpha Coefficients for Research Instruments Number Alpha Research Instrument of Items Coefficient Job Activities Scale (JAS) 9 0.81 Organizational Relationship Scale (ORS) 18 0.92 Conditions for Work Effectiveness (CWEQ) 31 0.96 Opportunity Subscale 7 0.85 Support Subscale 9 0.94 Information Subscale 8 0.91 Resources Subscale 7 0.89 Intent to Stay 4 0.86 Table 3.
A confirmatory factor analysis of the CWEQ, JAS, ORS, ITW and OCQ.
The overall work empowerment score, as measured by the CWEQ, suggested the nurses perceived their work setting to be moderately empowering (M=10.91 [1.96]), similar to the findings in previous research (Laschinger, 1996a).
Instrument Mean SD Conditions of Work Effectiveness (CWEQ) Subscales(*) Opportunity 2.86 0.56 Information 2.65 0.65 Support 2.75 0.67 Resources 2.65 0.54 Total Empowerment Scale(**) 10.90 1.96 Global Empowerment Scale(*) 3.31 0.91 Job Activities Scale (JAS)(*) 2.53 0.43 Organizational Relationship Scale (ORS)(*) 3.25 0.59 Collective Accountability(***) 3.05 0.38 Productivity(*) 3.39 0.65 Work Effectiveness(***) 5.46 0.90 (*) Range 1-5
In addition to the demographic questionnaire, data for this study were collected through three instruments: Conditions of Work Effectiveness Questionnaire (CWEQ) (Chandler, 1986; Laschinger, 1991), Organizational Description Opinionnaire part B (ODO-B) (Laschinger, 1991, 1993), and Organizational Commitment Questionnaire (OCQ) (Mowday et al., 1979).
CWEQ and ODO: Test re-test reliabilities (Unpublished data collection instrument).