CWGCCommonwealth War Graves Commission (formerly Imperial War Graves Commission; UK)
CWGCChina Worldbest Group Company (est. 1992)
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It has been made in recognition of the huge sacrifices made by Commonwealth forces in Belgium during the First World War and the historical, architectural and artistic value of the cemeteries and memorials maintained by the CWGC.
With upliftment at its core, CWGC has supported a number of organisations including the Asda Christmas fundraiser, Enterprise Club and UHCW Charity, where the choir has raised more than PS3,000 since 2011.
In the centre of the platform is a circular wooden seat, carved by the commission's carpenters in Belgium from 100-year-old oak, and featuring the CWGC crest at its centre.
Iain Anderson, CWGC Regional Supervisor for Scotland, added: "We're always very pleased to be able to give our men and women who fought during both world wars the commemoration and recognition they deserve.
Remembering those buried in CWGC war graves is a fitting way to pay our respects.
Dud Corner CWGC Cemetery and Loos Memorial wall on the left
Despite the fact that it is located in France and associated with the CWGC, Vimy is a Canadian National Historic Site and has been maintained solely by the Canadian government since 1938.
Of 18 Welsh VC winners who fought in either World War I or World War II the CWGC only looks after the graves of six.
Ranald Leask, of the CWGC, said: "Having last year erected a headstone at Reggie's grave, we at the War Graves Commission are very pleased that Mrs Harvey contacted us.
The bodies of more than 165,000 Commonwealth soldiers killed on the Western Front during the First World War are still missing, according to the CWGC.
Next year the bodies will be permanently laid to rest in individual graves at the new CWGC cemetery nearby - the first war cemetery the commission has built in almost 50 years.