CWIDCall Waiting Id
CWIDCoalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration
CWIDCampus-Wide ID (computer logon)
CWIDContinuous Wave Identification (Morse code sent periodically by a radio to identify itself)
CWIDCivil Works Integration Division (USACE)
CWIDConcern Wide ID
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Lumina is also supporting the CWID initiative, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Helios Education Foundation, the Kresge Foundation and USA Funds.
Each participant was provided with a packet that contained the following: (a) informed consent form, (b) consent to provide CWID, (c) the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI; Beck & Steer, 1993), (d) the BDI-II, and (e) the job questionnaire.
Are there any technologies being tested in CWID that address these challenges?
On an annual basis, CWID provides a globally networked environment where military commanders investigate command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions that can be used by military and civilian organizations.
In all, CWID 2005 connected five US and 11 international sites for the purpose of testing 41 different types of systems or software for sharing information or communications, with the sites including Hanscom AFB, MA: the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, VA, and sites in New Zealand, Norway, and the UK among other countries.
CWID's 18-month cycle begins with a Federal Business Opportunity posted on that asks industry to provide near-term technology solutions, also known as interoperability trials (ITs), designed to improve information sharing for both military and emergency first-responder operations.
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and coalition warfighters judge new and emerging technologies in simulated military missions and national emergency scenarios during Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) 2009 at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Dahlgren Division conducted from June 15-25.
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EADS North America's ECTOCRYP BLACK encryption device has been approved to participate in the Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed annual Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) in June.
To that end, we explore the power of partnerhips with a look at NSWC Dam Neck; Phoenix Express; DoD's Interoperability Communications Exercise (DICE); Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment 2008-3 (JEFX 08-3); Trident Warrior 2008; Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID); and Combined Endeavor.