CWMCCondensed World Mission Course (est. 1994)
CWMCCertified Workplace Money Coach (LFE Institute)
CWMCCenter for Wireless and Mobile Computing (East Carolina University; Greenville, NC)
CWMCCanadian Waste Management Conference
CWMCConejo Women's Medical Center (Thousand Oaks, CA)
CWMCCanadian Women Motorcross Club
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In summary, the photographic part of the CWMC is a treasure to be explored since with very few exceptions it has remained virtually unseen for many decades.
As has been evident throughout our exposition, the CWMC represents a vast universe of research material of varying latitudes.
First and foremost, we are grateful to RISM for their commitment to the field of Caribbean Studies and for safeguarding the CWMC.
Carl Withers (1900-1970): A Memoir for His Friends, prepared by Frank Snowden Hopkins, with Much Help from Many Others," CWMC, box 14, appendix (October).
Notes on Cuba: Cuba 1," November 1947-January 1948, CWMC, Series II, box 1, folder 1.
Attempts have been made to contact other CWMC directors, but the Evening Chronicle has not received a reply at the time of going to press.
In 1976 the central committee made the decision to lodge the CWMC study in the secretariat on Faith and Order, although it was to be undertaken in collaboration with the Sub-unit On Women.
Interestingly, the last stage of this work had coincided with the CWMC study: the commission meeting at Lima received the final report on the Community study.
It touches on issues which had been raised in the CWMC study -- theological anthropology, scripture and Tradition, women's ministries and the ordination of women, power and authority in the church, language -- but it loses the cutting edge and radical questioning evident in the earlier study.