CWMFCapital Works Management Framework (Australia)
CWMFCanadian War Memorials Fund (est. 1916; Canada)
CWMFChristopher Wallace Memorial Foundation (est. 1997)
CWMFCharlotte Wilson Memorial Fund (Enfield, England, UK)
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CWMF works with high or low sulfur diesel fuel, as well as biofuels.
This emissions reduction implementation is groundbreaking within the industry, as it extends the proven performance of the Purifier CWMF System to construction crane applications", added Dr.
The patented CWMF technology represents a series of durable metallic, low cost filter designs to bridge the gap between low efficiency diesel oxidation catalysts and expensive, limited application heavily catalyzed particulate filters.
The CWMF systems are available in configurations for use either with or without fuel borne catalyst.
The CWMF technology was initially developed by Mitsui/PUREarth for use in conjunction with Clean Diesel Technology's Platinum Plus(R) FBC as a lower-cost and reliable alternative to the traditional heavily catalyzed filter systems.
In addition to reducing the cost to achieve these emissions improvements, the patented combination with an FBC permits the CWMF to operate effectively at the lower exhaust temperatures found in stop-and-go service applications.