CWMICommon Warehouse Metadata Interchange
CWMICornell Waste Management Institute (Cornell University)
CWMICommon Warehouse Metadata Interchange (OMG)
CWMIChemical Waste Management Inc. (Oak Brook, IL)
CWMICommon Warfighter Machine Interface (US DoD)
CWMIChemical Waste Management of Indiana
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The CWMI team set up research piles at the Ithaca campus of Cornell and at assorted NYSDOT facilities across the State.
As it happens, many already have, and that standard is CWMI.
By contrast, he says, CWMI is an industry-wide standard originating from an established organization where the industry leaders are members.
CWMI defines a metadata format intended for all data warehousing and business intelligence products.
But CWMI supporters Hyperion and NCR - though its Teradata division - are both also active members of the Meta Data Coalition.
In addition to the CWMI Update, they also sent a flier entitled "Waste Prevention Tools at Work," which lists and describes a number of publications and videos prepared as "Training Tools for Business People and Solid Waste Professionals.