CWMICommon Warehouse Metadata Interchange
CWMICornell Waste Management Institute (Cornell University)
CWMICommon Warehouse Metadata Interchange (OMG)
CWMIChemical Waste Management Inc. (Oak Brook, IL)
CWMICommon Warfighter Machine Interface (US DoD)
CWMIChemical Waste Management of Indiana
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CWMI 2.0 ranks various states for the reference year 2017-18 as against the base year 2016-17.
The CWMI, it said, was an important tool to assess and improve the performance of states and Union Territories in the efficient management of water resources.
19th China Western Mathematics Invitational (CWMI) held from August 11 to 16 in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, China
CWMI is now conducting the research on behalf of NYSDOT.
The CWMI team set up research piles at the Ithaca campus of Cornell and at assorted NYSDOT facilities across the State.
As it happens, many already have, and that standard is CWMI."
For more information on sludge visit the CWMI Web site:
New Delhi [India], June 14 ( ANI ): As a step further in direction and keeping in view the criticality of water for life, NITI Aayog has prepared a report on Composite Water Management Index (CWMI).
This year's CWMI contest was the 12th edition of the contest.
CWMI defines a metadata format intended for all data warehousing and business intelligence products.
CWMI recommends that for office waste, significant reductions can be obtained by using two sides of every sheet of paper and replacing postal mailings with computer E-mail.