CWNDCongestion Window
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Al momento de iniciar se crea la funcion manejador_brodcast() que se utiliza para recibir la informacion de los receptores, con la informacion se calcula: el numero de emisores (n_emisores <-sumatoria_i) en cada receptor y el ancho de banda agregado (BWr <sumatoria_BWi) que en la marca de tiempo recibe el receptor, valores optimos para CWND y Tcwnd.
In addition, we propose a Multiattribute Detect Path Sorting Module (MDPS) which can determine the status of each subpath based on the RTT and CWND values and sort the path according to the quality of the path.
During simulation there are many places where two destinations have CWND and RBUF (at same time).
The slow start exits and enter into the congestion avoidance phase when the value of the congestion window (cwnd) increases than the given variable called slow start threshold (ssthresh).
So, always TCP-UB starts controlling the network based on initial computation on basis of CWND and the Base RTT.
When the sender detects packet loss by the expiration of retransmission timeouts, the sender retransmits all the packets following the one that was lost and resets the cwnd size to one mss and increases the sending rate according to the slow start algorithm.
They also identified three main challenges of CMT including (1) unnecessary fast retransmission, (2) overly conservative cwnd growth at a sender, and (3) increased acknowledgment (ack) traffic.
By expressing the value W of the congestion window in MSS units, the cwnd update rules for each ACK reception are given by
More specifically, DCTCP counts the number of ECN-marked packets and reduces the congestion window (cwnd) in proportion to the fraction of the ECN-marked packets.
where [cwnd.sub.max] and [cwnd.sub.min] are the maximum and minimum values of cwnd (as specified by the IEEE 802.11), [] and [] (0 < [] < [] < 1) are two threshold values to control cwnd and [K.sub.+](>1) and [K.sub._](>0) are the increase and decrease control factors.
In the 'slow'-start phase, the congestion window grows exponentially increasing cwnd by 1 with every acknowledgement, until a timeout occurs or a duplicate ACK is received.