CWO3Chief Warrant Officer 3
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Additionally, Major Jones and CWO3 Tims were able to highlight current Bahrain Defense Force logistics and training issues which initiated corrective actions to improve the Bahrain Defense Force's foreign military sales logistic support and International Military Education and Training (IMET) program.
CWO3 John Salgado is the maintenance material-control officer at VAW-124.
It is that simple," said CWO3 Dennis Horn, IT planning technician stationed onboard Coronado.
CSL point of contact is CWO3 Dan Mikulski, Force Diving Officer 757-836-1289, email: daniel.
Kaussen Ground Maintenance Officer of the Year: CWO3 Nicholas E.
CWO3 Edward Seifert, who works at MALS-12 in Iwakuni, Japan, said, "It's always good to get together with experts in the fleet and to bring different experiences and ideas to the table.
CWO3 Stephen Wyrick, 1st Battalion Alpha Company Instructor of the Battalion
Delta Company honored CWO3 Stephen Wyrick, Food Service Instructor as their Instructor of the Battalion.
Led by the Blue Ridge Ney Award winning "Chow Boss," CWO3 Brian Ware and Lt.
Ryan Hughes, CSCM Bill Campbell, CWO3 Kennie Howard, LSCM Sheila Wooden, LSCS Keith Adams, MMC Erickson Clarke, CSC Abel Montesdeoca, LSC Maria Roldan, LSC Daniel Hamar, CWO4 Lisa Edenhofer, Ens.
Runner-up: CWO3 Richard Cordes, 7th ESB, Camp Pendleton, Calif.