CWOTComplete Waste Of Time
CWoTClever Waste of Time (gaming web site)
CWoTColossal Waste of Time
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In 2003, one Scottish pupil exam paper contained the following extract, 'My smmr hols wr CWOT.
What CWOT etc meana:-rBlowing a raspberry :)happy (smiley) :(Not happy 2niteTonight B4Before br@Brat cnfsdconfused CUSee you CUL8rSee you later CWOTcomplete waste of time CYSee why Gr8Great FTTFLFall to the floor laughing L8Late L8rLater LOLLaugh out loud nwnew MbRsdEmbarrassed PUIt stinks (pooh) rslvsourselves T4LUKThanks for letting us know THNQThank you U2You too un4gtebLUnforgettable wtway xprsexpress
MILLIONS of workers should be happy today because it's EOW, but telling them could be a CWOT.