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CWPCenter for Watershed Protection
CWPCoordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics
CWPConcealed Weapon Permit
CWPCoal Workers' Pneumoconiosis
CWPCenter on Wealth and Philanthropy (Boston College)
CWPChronic Widespread Pain
CWPCenter for Wave Phenomena (Colorado School of Mines)
CWPCertified Web Professional
CWPCold Working Pressure (valve engineering pressure rating)
CWPContemporary World Problems (school subject)
CWPChild Welfare Partnership
CWPCold Weather Payment (UK)
CWPCauseway Point
CWPCooperative Water Program (USGS)
CWPCirculating Water Pump
CWPCitizens' Will Party (Mongolia)
CWPCensorware Project
CWPCoalition Warfare Program
CWPCrown Wheel and Pinion (automotive gearing)
CWPCentral Weather Processor
CWPCumbersome Work Practices
CWPCapital Works Program (Australia)
CWPConstruction Work Package
CWPCentimeters of Water Pressure (used with CPAP)
CWPControlled Work Package
CWPCost Work Program
CWPChildbirth Without Pain
CWPcauseway pier (US DoD)
CWPCompliance Work Plan
CWPCotton Wool Pledget
CWPContingency Wartime Planning
CWPCell Wall-Associated Protein (microbiology)
CWPCertified Water Professional (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
CWPChemical Weapons Plant
CWPClose Without Payment (insurance company term for claims closed without any payments)
CWPChicago, West Pullman, and Southern Railroad Company
CWPContinuous Wiener Process (Oscar Mayer)
CWPCompression Water Injection Platform
CWPCommunicating Word Processors
CWPConceptual Work Plan
CWPConsolidated WWMCCS Program
CWPChoson Worker's Party
CWPCommonwealth Printing
CWPCommunity Wildlife Programme (Kenya)
CWPContributions of 20th Century Women to Physics (historical archive)
CWPChild Welfare Policy (various organizations)
CWPCitibank World Privileges (credit card perk)
CWPCertified Wellness Practitioner (professional certification)
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The CWP Inversion Unit combines the benefits of water inversion with the convenience of air inversion.
On July 20, the main day of CWP meetings opened with a blessing by Mary Anne Thomas of the Esquimalt First Nation and reading by Zoe Duhaime, Victoria's Youth Poet Laureate.
CWP serves 65 independent financial advisors nationwide that collectively serve approximately $2 billion in brokerage and advisory client assets, as of Feb.
CWP now exports its products to more than 25 countries.
Salvatore Provenza, Managing Director of CWP Advisors, will provide information about residential real estate workouts, receivership and asset management.
The hygienic design of the CWP Neptune prevents production residues from entering the interior of the unit.
According to the formula the committee came up with: CWP = x ( School Science Performance) + ( 1- x) ( NAT score).
Decedents with pneumoconiosis and mycosis were rare, and most mycoses were pulmonary: 77% in persons with silicosis; 79% asbestosis, and 53% CWP (Table 1).
CWP has had an initial meeting with Castle Morpeth Council to discuss potential retail, business and housing uses for the 28-acre site.
They were also younger, had less education, and had experienced more depression and CWP.
Geological Survey database of coal quality, we show that the prevalence of CWP in seven coal mine regions correlates with levels of bioavailable iron (BAI) in the coals from that particular region (correlation coefficient r = 0.
CWP recommends against using them on soils with high clay content that would limit water absorption, or on sites that are close to the groundwater supply, which could be polluted if too little soil lies between the pavement and the water table.