CWPECommittee on Women, Population, and the Environment (Atlanta, GA)
CWPECambridge Working Papers in Economics (University of Cambridge; UK)
CWPECouncil of Women Peace Envoys (Nigeria)
CWPEComparable Worth and Pay Equity
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CWPE, a multi-racial alliance of feminist activists, health practitioners and scholars, is gathering personal testimonies of women's Depo experiences.
By collecting women's stories, CWPE hopes to better understand what effects Depo (also known as 'the Shot') has on women's bodies; to learn more about what women are told about this contraceptive method when they get it; and to determine how CWPE can better provide resources to support women in their contraceptive choices and decisions.
Hartmann says in a message to E that "it's virtually impossible to detach the immigration debate from race." Her group, CWPE, "rejects the notion that population size and growth are primarily responsible for environmental degradation.
Although Hartmann and CWPE support "women's right to safe, voluntary birth control and abortion," they strongly oppose "demographically driven population policies." In other words, they're in favor of making contraception widely available, but against tying it to any national plan to address population growth.
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(2003) The difficult transition to competitive markets in the U.S., Cambridge Working Papers in Economics/CMI Working Paper; CWPE 0328/CMI 28, University of Cambridge (Mass) and Cambridge-MIT Institute.