CWPSCenter for Women Policy Studies (est. 1972; Washington, DC)
CWPSCenter for War/Peace Studies
CWPSCouncil on Wage and Price Stability (est. 1974; economics)
CWPSCompany-Wide Problem Solving (various companies)
CWPSCentral Washington Podiatry Service
CWPSConnected WorkPlace Solutions (Washington, DC)
CWPSCommon Workload Planning System
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"The transport service was previously delivered by a wide range of suppliers, with some contracted through CWPS and others through third party organisations.
Mr.Kulkarni further explained, "The software is designed to simulate Recorder Interface for both Air-to-Ground (AG) and Ground-to-Ground (GG) calls at Controller Working Position (CWP), Ground Radio Station (GRS) and Communication Recorders endpoints.
Several government reports and private studies of the effects of CWPS and OIRA regulatory oversight have been published (see Readings), but none provides disparities evidence of the success or failure of such oversight.
Identifying demand for certified wood products (CWPs) has been a popular focus in recent studies.
Results of Single-Variable Sensitivity Study kWh Usage [T.sub.chw] [T.sub.App] = [] = Change =37.0 5.0 [degrees] 11,000 gpm [degrees] F F (2.8 (0.694 (2.8 [degrees] C) [m.sup.3]/s) [degrees] C) CHLR 1.1% -88,228 -0.9% -78,075 -0.9% CT -0.1% -284 12.2% 63,705 -0.1% CWP -1.0% -6596 -1.0% -6596 -2.8% PPMP -0.3% -1028 -0.8% -2449 -0.8% SPMP 4.3% 13,894 0% 0 0% Total -82,242 -23,414 (kWh) kWh Usage Change CHLR -70,625 CT -755 CWP -19,564 PPMP -2449 SPMP 0 Total -93,393 (kWh) If the cooling tower approach decreases by 1.0[degrees]F (0.6[degrees]C), the chiller will consume 0.9% less electricity due to a lower CW entering temperature.
CWPS has used TSM FastBack software to create an Easy Data Protection service for small and mid-sized organisations.
Shortly after taking office, Reagan abolished the cwps and shifted its regulatory review staff to a new Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs within the OMB.
The Domestic Policy Staff and the Council on Environmental Quality served as advisors and CWPS provided analytical staff support.
But there is a sting in the tail: miners compensated under CWPS are exempt from claiming under the 1979 Act.
This is the first report of QTL analysis of soybean seed CWPs. The relationships between the monosaccharides, pectin, CWP, protein, oil, the sum of protein + oil, and seed weight in the RI lines were generally the same as previously reported for whole seed of 14 soybean genotypes from Maturity Groups 00 to 1 grown at four locations in Minnesota (Stombaugh et al., 2000, 2003).
Thus, employers may not legally stop employees, who are in all other respects complying with the law (such as having a CWP), from bringing their defensive weapons into the workplace.
Citing the need for "discipline and restraint" and "sacrifice and shared responsibility," President Carter announced the revised FY 1981 budget as part of yet another new anti-inflation initiative on March 14, 1980.(77) In addition to the revised FY 1980 budget, the program called for additional monetary restraint by the Federal Reserve, new restraints on federal credit programs, and a redoubling of wage and price activity by CWPS.(78) The revised FY 1981 budget called for outlays of $611.5 billion and receipts of $628 billion, resulting in a budget surplus of $16.5 billion.