CWPTCivil War Preservation Trust
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The efficacy of CWPT used in secondary alternative school classrooms with small teacher/pupil ratios and students with emotional and behavioral disorders.
The researchers used distance communication technologies and a learning management system to monitor the rate of CWPT implementation across nine schools in five states for 1 school year.
As a result of the combination of CWPT, multi-element curriculum, and accommodations, the researchers found an increased participation of students with disabilities in the general education classroom.
In how many present-day states has the CWPT saved land?
Registration forms and details on the CWPT Teacher Institute can also be found on the web at: www.
Students reported they enjoyed CWPT and believed it helped them learn algebra problem solving, but teachers expressed concerns about the amount of time necessary to organize practice activities and to document individual and team points earned during CWPT for purposes of providing group and individual reinforcement.
Literally, we cannot say that our intervention "caused" the increase in achievement growth rate as we did not use a control group design that would have allowed us to rule out other possible causes, such as possibly having better teachers in middle school "caused" it rather than our two interventions, CWPT and cooperative learning.
They could be in place by the time the Washington-based CWPT which has nearly 70,000 members makes its official visit to Merseyside in November.
These results also suggest noteworthy differences and similarities between the IF AT and the more common procedures of CWPT, CTD, and CAI.
This body of research reveals that students ranging in grade and ability levels can attain academic success when participating in reciprocal CWPT arrangements.
Results were felt immediately, as CWPT began integrating Convio outreach technologies into its existing website prior to the complete overhaul.