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Until late 2007, the CWQ region encompassed eleven local government areas, covering approximately 385,000 square kilometres.
One of the best ways to get a CWQ program operating, has been through the formation of venture teams drawn from a variety of disciplines or work areas.
The creation of the CWQ Power List remains, nonetheless, largely subjective.
CWQ asked for his observations around Qatar's present economic climate and how Aecom is managing to maintain in the changing landscape.
To watch CWQ 's full-length interview with Beades, click on the video below:
Steve Coulson, founder of Coptrz, speaks to CWQ about this innovative construction tool.
With the CWQ Awards merely a month away, the nominations have already rolled in, with entries now closed.
However, designers in the region favour glass for a number of reasons and Vladimir Savcic, senior project architect AEB told CWQ : "It is very versatile and very good for this environment because it is easy to maintain needing basic maintenance.
Speaking to CWQ, he says: "Qatar has experienced fast changing dynamics since late 2015 due to the slump in oil prices.
And difficult it is to absorb that information, unless you can see it in motion and CWQ was fortunate to be privy to this in the confines of our Doha office.
The use of palm material to create sustainable habitats was covered mid-2015 by CWQ, wherein architect Dr Sandra Piesik, presented her ideas to a summit conference held in Mexic,o during which the world body officially endorsed her approach to building, utilising the natural product.
Salim Kutty, company manager, Lafarge aggregates in Qatar outlines the materials situation to CWQ.