CWQCCompany Wide Quality Control
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Similar safe levels of 8.61x10-2 mg/l and 8.61x10 mg/l were obtained using the methods of Sprague (1971) and CWQC (1972), respectively.
CWQC changed how the Japanese managed their businesses.
Ishikawa, on the other hand, advanced the concept of CWQC with the goal of producing products or services that customers want.
Managers who have actually participated in the preparation of the submission document and examination process are likely to stress the importance of CWQC to managers of other firms as well as to those of subsidiaries and affiliated companies.
The DP is given to companies that have achieved distinctive performance through the application of CWQC. The company's performance on the application of CWQC is evaluated through two examinations, the document examination and the on-site examination.
The oldest of the three, the DP, was established to ensure that good results are achieved through successful implementation of CWQC activities.
The "voice of the customer"[28], which is the highest level of the CWQC framework, provides the basis for establishing process control, that is the highest level of the SKI classification scheme.
Used in that way, it can help management apply CWQC as a truly effective corporate strategy.
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