CWQICompany Wide Quality Improvement
CWQICanadian Water Quality Index
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In the present study, the comprehensive water quality index (CWQI), recommended by the Quality Standard for Groundwater of China (Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of China 1994), was selected to comprehensively assess the drinking water quality, and the comprehensive assessment results are illustrated in Fig.
CWQI = 100 - [[square root of [F.sup.2.sub.1] + [[F.sup.2.sub.2] + [F.sup.2.sub.3]]/ 1.732]
CWQI Ranking Comment 95-100 Excellent No need to purification 80-44 Good As light need to purification 65-79 Fair Needs purification 45-64 Marginal Needs plenty of purification 0-44 Poor Almost always needs purification and is in dangerous region