CWSACommunity Water and Sanitation Agency (Ghana)
CWSACanadian Wheelchair Sports Association
CWSACombat Water Survival Assessment (US Army)
CWSAChild Welfare South Africa
CWSACommercial Weather Services Association (now American Weather and Climate Industry Association)
CWSAChina Water Supply Association
CWSAConstant Width Slot Antenna
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As the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in Hong Kong and China, the CWSA recruits the top 100 importers, distributors and retailers from across China as its judges.
Groundwater chloride concentration was obtained from the historical hydrochemical data that had already been procured from the CWSA. An average annual precipitation rate of 1100 mm was used in the estimation.
Due to the occurrence of winds from the north quadrant, the conditions favored (63.3%) upwelling processes, with the dispersion of water on the shelf to the oceanic region and the intrusion of CWSA on the shelf associated with strong vertical thermal gradients.
From the start, the CWSA wrestled with whether to affiliate, if at all, with the Stanton-Anthony National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA), which insisted on female leadership and espoused suffrage rights guaranteed by the federal constitution, or the Stone-Blackwell American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA), with its inclusion of male leadership and a more conservative, state-based approach.
Management of water supply is the responsibility of District Assemblies with facilitation and oversight role by the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA).
Schenck, editor of The Hesperian and the first president of theCalifornia Woman Suffrage As sociation (CWSA), was also the first vice-president for California of the National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA).
The CWSA, executors of the solid waste project, said the firm of Kelectric and Co.
The Foundation has also provided funding for the production of the annual Computerworld Smithsonian Awards Program (CWSA) CD-ROM, which is included in the CWSA program book.
(1) The lesbian caucus of CWSA remained small, but the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Studies Association that formed in 1992 grew within a few years to a membership of several hundred, and settled a few years later at mid-size for academic associations, about 150.