CWSMClass-Wide Self-Management (education)
CWSMCold War Service Medal
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Students earned citizenship points (CWSM component) from their peer tutors for working well in peer tutoring.
Students in Study 2 were introduced to CWSM along with CWPT.
The CWSM component provided students with a systematic way of monitoring their behavior during instruction and taught them skills that can generalize to other aspects of their lives.
This study examined the effectiveness of CWPT and CWPT with CWSM as interventions for students with E/BD in alternative school settings.
As indicated by previous research (Greenwood & Delquadri, 1995; Maheady et al., 1987), CWPT and CWPT with CWSM (Kamps et al., 2004) produced positive results.
Future directions for research include examining the effect the addition of CWSM on academic outcomes across more content areas (e.g., math) and basic skill areas (e.g., reading) in alternative education classrooms.