CWSNChildren With Special Needs
CWSNChild Welfare Scheme Nepal (est. 1995)
CWSNCold Water Soluble Nitrogen (synthetic organic fertilizer)
CWSNCritical Wax Strength Number (measurement)
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The sending rate at each source-side can feasibly reach a weighted value which maximizes the throughput of CWSN.
However, the aforementioned studies have three crucial limitations: i) only congestion avoidance is discussed instead of congestion control in global network circumstance; ii) the approaches focus primarily on source-side rather than the whole CWSN, and excessively restraining the sending rate at source-node side control; iii) there exist numerous traditional control theories for global system state stability and synchronization, but they do not work well in today's dynamic networks, especially in CWSNs congestion control.
In the last decade CWSNs have been widely studied by the researchers.
The goal of the proposed secure data transmission for CWSNs is to guarantee the secure and efficient data transmissions between leaf nodes and CHs, as well as transmission between CHs and the BS.
Among CWSN, 30% of the children are diagnosed with Autism, 33 % are diagnosed with Mental Retardation, 20 % are having cerebral palsy and the rest 17 % are suffering from multiple disabilities.
The findings in table shows parents of CWSN and parents of normal children significantly differ on Marital Problems and Depression.
Under SSA, during the year 2017-18, 3762 assessment camps have been conducted, 65596 CWSN provided assistive devices, 16731 visually impaired children provided Braille Books and 37741 low vision children have been provided large print books, till 30.
08% schools have been provided CWSN friendly toilets where CWSN enrolment >0.
Tenders are invited for Printing of following formats:Laminated cover fly leaf(IEP),LEP file (14 pages),Progress report for CWSN,Data capture formate for CWSN,Escort & Transport Allowances form,Learning Achievement Format,
Tenders are invited for Const of toilet for Children With Special Need CWSN