CWSSCivil War Soldiers and Sailors
CWSSCalifornia Weed Science Society
CWSSCanadian Weed Science Society
CWSSCommunity Water Supply Study (EPA)
CWSSCombat Water Safety Swimmer (USMC)
CWSSChicago Women’s School of Sociology
CWSSCopper Wideband Serving Section (telecommunications)
CWSSCooling Water Supply System
CWSSCommon Weakness Scoring System
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From the CWSS report, there are about 38.3% of Davaoenos who disagreed with Duterte's order out of the 92.9% surveyed individuals who were aware of the investment schemes.
Besides, the proposed structure can also provide asymmetry by changing the dimensions of CWSs such as length of and distances between the strips.
OBJECTIVES: We hypothesized that CWSs in California's San Joaquin Valley that serve a higher proportion of minority or residents of lower socioeconomic status have higher nitrate levels and that these disparities are greater among smaller drinking water systems.
Undeterred by the Cardinal's noncommittal stance, the members of the CWSS pursued the work of organization with unfailing energy and drive.
Built over the past decade with the help of hundreds of volunteers from all over the United States, the new database will allow anyone with Internet access to type the name of any Civil War soldier into the CWSS web site ( and quickly pull up a wealth of information--the history of the soldier's unit, the battles in which he may have fought, whether he's buried in a national cemetery, and, at some time in the future, such identifying features as height, weight, and eye and hair color.
The question addressed here is what the distribution of risks is in the sensitive subpopulation of pregnant women in the United States resulting from exposure to perchlorate in water from community water supplies (CWSs).