CWSUCenter Weather Service Unit
CWSUCentral Weather Service Unit
CWSUCondensate Water Servicing Unit (NASA)
CWSUCaution and Warning Status Unit (NASA)
CWSUCommander's Weapon System Update
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The absence of the CWSU [Central Weather Service Unit] meteorologist from his station between 1725 and 1810, and the failure of CWSU procedures to require the position to be monitored by a qualified person during his absence precluded detection of the intensification of the weather echo north of DFW Airport.
No Sig-mets, Airmets, CWSU advisories or other thunderstorm-related weather statements were active for the accident site at the accident time.
CWSU staff craft a localized weather picture for these controllers and pilots via a variety of weather products, conveying not just the AWC's SIGMETs and AIRMETs, but generating their own localized Center Weather Advisories (CWA) and Meteorological Impact Statements (MIS).