CWTRChild Welfare Training Resources
CWTRClimb Well to Right
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Strategies such as LPDR and TSS are suitable for both building types, while SATA and CWTR strategies are only applicable to buildings served with central plant only (in our case, the large office building).
LPDR, TSS, SATA and CWTR are the base strategies which were evaluated on the large office building.
The move has boosted the stock within striking distance of its 10-month moving average; in November, CWTR closed below this long-term trendline for only the second time since April 2003.
If these bears begin to fear that CWTR has bottomed, they may seek to close out their bearish bets by repurchasing the stock.
CWTR also guided fourth-quarter earnings higher, and now expects a profit of 24-25 cents per share, versus its prior guidance of 23-24 cents.