CWTSCertified Wireless Technology Specialist (computer science)
CWTSCivic Welfare Training Service (Phillipines)
CWTSCivil War Token Society (est. 1967)
CWTSChristian Witness Theological Seminary (Concord, CA)
CWTSChinese Wireless Telecommunication Standard
CWTSCentrum voor Wetenschap- en Technologie Studies (Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands)
CWTSCamping World Truck Series (racing)
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In 22 years with Cubic, he has held a number of lead roles within the CWTS division including deputy general manager and director of Navy programs where he assisted with the overall management of CWTS while supervising and serving as the primary Cubic liaison across all Navy contracts.
CWTS has a long history of unparalleled training support to our customers, and I m proud to be part of that.
In the context of Environmental Management of CWTS systems, pH ideally should be slightly alkaline, between 9.
An anaerobic environment favors sulfate-reducing and iron-reducing bacteria (SRB's and IRB's), and the development of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) potentially throughout a CWTS system.
We are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with CWTS and SCImago to power the next level of bibliometric analysis.
Moed, currently a senior staff member with CWTS in the Department of Social Sciences at Leiden University who will be joining Elsevier as a senior scientific advisor next month.
The CWTS certification begins with the basics of Radio Frequency (RF) communications and continues with a thorough introduction to enterprise Wi-Fi topics, from equipment and site surveys, to security and administration.
The CWTS certification is the perfect starting point for IT professionals just adding Wi-Fi to their arsenal, and for non-technical professionals in sales, support, or training roles who must understand the fundamentals of Wi-Fi to effectively serve their own clients," added Akin.
The regional standardization organizations that constitute 3GPP include T1 (USA), ETSI (Europe), ARIB (Japan), TTC (Japan), TTA (Korea) and CWTS (China).
CWTS became eligible to compete for the contract more than a year ago, when the Navy selected Cubic to join a seven-company bidding pool for Fielded Training System Support (FTSS) contracts.
3GPP is a GSM network-oriented, global cooperation between six Organizational Partners (ARIB, CWTS, ETSI, T1, TTA and TTC) who are the world's major regional standardization bodies from Japan, China, Europe, USA and Korea.
3GPP - the Third Generation Partnership Project - is a partnership created by the official standardization institutes in Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea (ARIB, CWTS, ETSI, T1, TTA and TTC).