CWTSCamping World Truck Series (racing)
CWTSCertified Wireless Technology Specialist (computer science)
CWTSCivic Welfare Training Service (Phillipines)
CWTSCivil War Token Society (est. 1967)
CWTSChristian Witness Theological Seminary (Concord, CA)
CWTSChinese Wireless Telecommunication Standard
CWTSCentrum voor Wetenschap- en Technologie Studies (Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands)
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The CWTS is one of the three components under the NSTP.
Related to the NHMM verifications by considering CWT on the AE sector, the best result was obtained considering ten CWTs and seven states of the precipitation in comparison with the introduction of three types of circulation (cyclonic, anticyclonic, and other) and 3 or 4 states of the precipitation.
The length dividing subyearling from yearling Chinook salmon ranged from 115 mm FL in April to 140 mm on July 1; it was developed from 1) seasonally adjusted length-frequency histograms (Hinton (3)), 2) known ages based on scale analysis (Fisher (4)), and 3) known ages determined from PIT tags or CWTs.
In several years of sampling during the summers of 1981 through 1985 off the central Oregon to northern Washington coast, most juvenile chinook salmon bearing CWTs were from Columbia River hatcheries (Pearcy and Fisher, 1990; Fisher and Pearcy, 1995).
At the start of the project, in early 1997, a project team was set up, consisting of the research staff of the VLIR, researchers of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University (the Netherlands), and a staff member of the Science and Innovation administration of the Ministry of the Flemish Community.
Bartz, CWNE, CWNT, and author of the CWTS Official Study Guide.
Fish were measured and examined for the presence of fin clips and coded wire tags (CWTs).
We were also able to obtain operculum punches from chinook salmon caught in marine fisheries in British Columbia that had previously been marked with coded-wire tags (CWTs) and for which the CWT had been recovered and decoded to determine marking location.